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ČRO Vltava, ArtCafé (Czech Radio[1]):

I do not curtail art into adoration of Romani people, what I have at heart is the dialog, says distinguished Slovakian artist opening her exhibition in Prague.

Songs bringing past times up to date. What is the history of vanished Romani songs halgáto, which emotions are concealed in them and why should non-Romani people sing these lays too? Slovakian artist with Romani roots and laureate of the Oskár Čepak prize Emília Rigová talks about their origin and different levels of meaning. Her auctorial exhibition called “Revive/Purano Hangos” (Old Voices Revival) has been opened in Prague gallery Artivist Lab. Curator Tamara Moyzes presents connection of the project with the Romani Holocaust Memorial Day. Ethnomusicologist Zuzana Jurková gives us more details about this genre of Romani songs and we will discuss Romani musical commemorating of the Holocaust too. Hosted by Petra Kultová, music chosen by Petr Dorůžka.

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Khamoro festival This year’s festival perked up with the exhibition of Emílie Rigová: Výstavou Emílie Rigové ožil letošní festival