Concert #2

As part of the accompanying program of the exhibition “REVIVE / PURANO HANGOS”, Artivist Lab invited Jakub Urban, Giora Kukui, and Jitka Matiová to revive the old Roma voices that have been lost after the war.



Jakub Urban – studied classical and jazz piano at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory and Secondary School in Prague. He composes original music for his project Urban trio. He works closely with singer Jan Smigmator. He works as a piano player for the Music of the Castle Guard and the Police of the Czech Republic. You can also hear him in Bohuslav Wolf’s Bohemia big band, or in the projects of trumpet player Michal Gera, double bass player František Uhlíř and other jazzmen.


Giora Kukui – After finishing his studies at the Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music in Ramat Hasharon, Israel, Giora completed his musical education at The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.
He has been teaching music for over ten years. He is a band leader – “Kukui Quartet” and the The “MJUD”.
In both active as Composer, Arranger and a Piano and Organ player. Composer – the film “Liebe” (2017)
Recording artist – “New york junk”, If required, the piano classes can include music theory, harmony, rhythm and ear training. Style of music can be classical or Jazz and blues.

Jitka Matiova – graduated from Ida Kelarová school. She studied Singing at the International Conservatory in Prague. She works at school incorporation with the Superstar performs agency on the first Romani musical.