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Pianist: Jakub Urban

‘Revival of old voices’ album is a section within the exhibition of Emilia Rigova, produced by Artivist Lab Galery, with the generous support of ERIAC.

In the Revive / Purano Hangos project, old sheet of composed music of already extinct Romani compositions becomes the main source of inspiration. The compositions come from Klenovec, from the collection of Bohuslav Valšťan, which was published in 1994 in the magazine “Romano Džaniben”. In 1957, those songs were sung and recorded by Ján Cibuľa, M.D., who became the first chairman of the International Roma Union – Romani Union after his emigration to Switzerland.

Album release date:
1 November 2020

Artivist Lab · Track1 ŽANDÁRI NÁS POCHYTALI (Aven, Aven, Ó Žandára)

Artivist Lab · Track2 TEČIE VODA, TEČIE (Okoj, Avel, Okoj)

Artivist Lab · Track3 KTOŽE MI POMOŽE (Soske, Mange)

Artivist Lab · Track4 DIEVČENSK (Pi Ulica Náne Čhávo)

Artivist Lab · Track5 EJ, VY MLADÍ CIGÁNI (Ej, Čhavale Romale)

Artivist Lab · Track6 DLHÁ CESTA (Upre Phirdom)

Artivist Lab · Track7 PRISNIL SA MI SNÍČEK (Súno Gélom)