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Tamara Moyzes exhibition is part of Moyzes PhD studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

„Whoever enters the public space, and is recorded, creates a new character, a new identity. Avatar. To a certain extent he loses control over the process that shapes the new identity. It’s nothing new. In the digital space this effect is getting new dynamics. Not only that this identity can change its characteristics very quickly. The overall picture of such character can be at the same time totally contradictory. In various situations, such character can represent completely different worldviews. “
Bohumil Kartous, expert on education and communications manager and analyst at EDUin

Curator: Jiří Ptáček
Design of the exhibition: Dany Ziss
Poster and graphic design: Shlomi Yaffe
Graphical support: Martin Kadlečík
Photos: Shalev Man
Makeup: Patrik Grunza

Texts for the exhibition were provided by:
documentarist Ivo Bystřičan, astrological therapist Terezie Dubinová, curator Vít Havránek expert on education Bohumil Kartous, publicist František Kostlán, artist and curator Milan Mikuláštík, psychologist Jiří Procházka, political scientist Ondřej Slačálek, journalist Jakub Szántó, historian Martin Šmok, editor in chief of revue Prostor Marina Vohralík Stern, security expert Barbora Vegrichtová.

The project was created on the basis of the AVU Research Grant Competition for 2018.
Special thanks to Marina Vohralík Šternová, Tomas Alner, Dušan Záhoranský and Pavla Sceranková